Integrated Fuel Management by LeasePlan

LeasePlan offers a fuel card with an entire fuel management service for lease cars. From application and reporting to replacement and closing down. We take care of all aspects of your fuel and fuel card management, giving you more time to focus on your business!


A diversified fuel card

No more complicated receipts and a substantial discount - no wonder so many companies are opting for fuel cards.

The NFC card: With the NFC (Network Fuel Card) card, LeasePlan offers you an extensive network of gas stations in Belgium and throughout Europe. You can use this card to refuel at Esso, Shell, DATS24 and Lukoil stations. This network has no less than 1.500 gas stations in Belgium and more than 22.000 stations in Europe.

You always get the best price If the price at the pump is lower than the official daily price including discount, you pay the pump price.

Pay toll easily With this international fuel card, you can easily pay toll abroad.


Does a fuel card depend on your leasing contract ?

Well, no. Leasing a car from LeasePlan and the fuel card are two completely separate things.

No leasing but a fuel card Are you interested in a fuel card for company cars that you don't lease? LeasePlan can take care of that for you with a fuel card that offers the same benefits as those described above. An important advantage is that your discount is calculated on the total volume you purchase. The more you refuel, the higher your discount!

Leasing, but no fuel card If you manage your fuel cards separately from your cars, this will generate additional work next year. This is because for each refueling you enter in your books, you will have to indicate for which car this refueling took place to substantiate the deductibility.

Why getting a fuel card with LeasePlan?

  1. A formula that fits with your needs

    Thanks to the NFC card you can enjoy the extended network throughout Belgium and Europe.

  2. We take care of the administrative burden

    LeasePlan's fuel card is an integral part of your lease contract. This means that refuelling is handled directly and processed automatically. No more hassle with receipts – you only have to pay a monthly fuel charge which is in fact included in your monthly leasing contract. We calculate this fuel charge based on the car's consumption, the fuel price and the estimated mileage. At the end of your lease contract, we compare the effective amount spend with the monthly fuel charge and reimburse you if there is any difference.

  3. You will always get the best price

    Enjoy a guaranteed discount every time you refuel, according to the "best of two"- principle: when the price at the pump is lower than the official price including the discount (0,05 cents), you pay the pump price. This means you always get the lowest price.

  4. You stay in control of your fuel costs

    If you want to keep an eye on things, My LeasePlan gives you clear online statements at all times as well as the most recent odometer readings. In just a few clicks, you can view the average fuel consumption. You proactively optimize your fuel management, more specifically, it also allows you to make timely adjustments. You can also request a new card if you've lost yours or ask for a new PIN-code if you need it.

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