Switching to an electric fleet hassle free

Switching to an electric fleet hassle free

Are you thinking about switching your fleet to electric but you have a lot of hurdles to tackle? Thanks to a team with EV specialists, LeasePlan is here to give you the best advice based on your drivers’ needs and the availability and capacity of electric vehicles and charging solutions.

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Active support in your transition into an electric fleet

  • Driver support includes dedicated help desk for questions and EV FAQs & tips
  • Charging support includes advice on best charging solution, online insight and 24/7 automatic monitoring for EV and charging FAQs
  • EV Consultancy includes advice on e-vehicle choice, car policy recommendations, EV feasibility and EV impact studies for clients to understand what is right for them

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Fleet management

Do you manage a large fleet of cars and are you looking for professional support? Or do you already have more than 25 LeasePlan cars in your fleet and have one question? Contact us via the form by clicking 'contact us'.