Joining forces for carefree driving

LeasePlan Easy, the one-of-a-kind leasing package

Simplify operational leasing!

More and more SMEs, sole traders and professionals are opting for operational leasing, as it is fiscally advantageous, easy to budget and tailored to their professional needs. They usually go through their broker who has the perfect quotation tool: LeasePlan Easy.

LeasePlan Easy

LeasePlan Easy is a full-service package specifically for SMEs, the self-employed and liberal professions. It's an operational leasing package with many advantages for insurers and finance brokers. But above all, for the self-employed, LeasePlan Easy means carefree driving.

Advantages for insurers and finance brokers

  • Expanding your offer with this competitive product allows you to reach new customers and prospects. This in turn strengthens your position as a neutral partner, giving you an edge on car dealerships and large banks.
  • Your customers and prospects enjoy more competitive prices as a result of the standard fleet discount, even if they only lease one car.
  • Age or experience are not taken into account in the insurance premium calculation.
  • You maintain the original car insurance and keep your customer’s trust.
  • Better still: you can count on the expertise of our service team 24/7.

Advantages for self-employed

  • All costs are combined in one monthly invoice.
  • With an unrestricted tyre allowance and if necessary the unlimited use of a replacement car, their mobility is guaranteed.
  • The car can be registered in their own name.
  • You can avail of a tax rebate by opting for a higher first lumpsum, which reduces the subsequent monthly instalments.
  • UNIQUE: this is the only operational leasing plan with a hire-purchase option and increased residual value!

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