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An interesting and practical formula

Operational leasing via LeasePlan is the most interesting formula for you as a smaller SME, a self-employed person or practicing an independent profession.

Your trusted agent is happy to give you more information. He knows the benefits of this formula, but most importantly he knows you and your business.
Therefore you can be sure of a solution that suits you perfectly.

Within this formula, our experts work tailored to your business, providing you with a quote that takes into account your specific needs and your budget.
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Request a quote for operational leasing at once and your new company will soon be at your door!

You are an agent?

LeasePlan developed LeasePlan Easy, an operational car leasing formula tailored to you and your customer: a complete product with a clearly defined service at a competitive price.

Supported by training, a quotation tool and a dedicated team you will be able to provide your client with a lease quote in no time.

LeasePlan Easy, the car leasing tailored to SME’s and self-employed persons, focuses on you, your client and his car. Depreciation, fuel, maintenance, tyre changes, …, all these costs are clustered into one monthly invoice. This makes it easy for your client to budget the cost of his car(s) and to avoid unpleasant surprises.

In addition, and operational lease formula also offers fiscal advantages. LeasePlan Easy allows you to offer your client a complete solution. As an agent, the relationship you have with your client is one that is based on mutual trust. Your client expects you to find him the best insurance and financing solution available on the market, in an independent manner.

Collaboration with LeasePlan offers you several benefits:

  • Expansion of your product portfolio by offering this competitive product.
  • Ability to approach new clients with this product.
  • Additional weapon against competitors.
  • Positive impact on your client retention.
  • Independence: As an agent you remain neutral. LeasePlan is not a bank nor an insurance company. LeasePlan is also a multibrand company.

LeasePlan Easy offers you an answer to the growing demand for operational lease in the segment of smaller SME’s, independant professions and self-employed persons.

If you have further questions about LeasePlan Easy or if you are interested in a partnership with LeasePlan, please contact us on +32-2-722 68 00 or leave your contact details via the contact form.

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