Corona virus - update 2 november 2020

Considering the critical situation in which we all find ourselves, the federal government took additional and more rigorous measures on Friday 30/10 to contain the pandemic. The automotive industry will hardly be affected by this measures.

You will find a first overview here: 

Impact on rental activities

"Collect & go" and home deliveries are permitted. This means that rental vehicles can always be picked up and returned to the rental companies. Rental companies can also bring or pick up the vehicles at their customers' premises (at the office or at home). Delivery and collection are only possible after prior reservation. Renta also calls on its members to adapt their procedures so that all formalities with the client are kept to a minimum and clients are received outside the offices. This is because access to commercial premises is forbidden.

Concessionaires: home delivery and collection allowed

Shops and showrooms (both B2B and B2C) as well as wholesalers' bars have to close. Individual appointments with prospeaks/customers in the showrooms and shops are also not allowed. Waiting rooms for customers are not allowed. However, this does not mean that all sales activities will come to a complete standstill this time. Goods, including cars, motorbikes, bicycles, tyres, parts, materials are allowed:

  • be delivered to the customer's home
  • picked up by the customer, but outside the shop/showroom
  • these products must have been ordered in advance (by paper or electronic order form, telephone, e-commerce (*)...)
  • Hygiene rules must be strictly observed. All products and vehicles must be thoroughly disinfected, there must be no physical contact with the customer and social distances must be respected.

Repairs and maintenance

All repairs in garages and bicycle shops are allowed, not only urgent repairs. Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Georges Gilkinet confirms that regular maintenance and tyre changes can also take place as usual. Workshops are therefore allowed to remain operational. However, no customers are allowed in them. It is not yet entirely clear how this will work in practice. Handing over the vehicle and/or keys outside the workshop? We are still waiting for the ministerial decision on the concrete procedure. Of course, teleworking is not possible in a workshop. But the strict rules on social distancing remain in force; company canteens must also be closed.

Inspection stations remain open

This time, inspection stations will not be closed but will continue to operate in compliance with the existing Covid-19 measures.

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Last updated: 2 November 2020

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