14-day reflection period *

  1. The buyer may cancel (revoke) the purchase of the second-hand car within 14 days after receiving it. The buyer does not have to state a reason to do so.
  2. The buyer can revoke the purchase by means of the model form. The buyer can then send the completed form by email to: aartselaar@carnext.com. The buyer can also simply send an email to that address in which the buyer very clearly states that he/she is exerting his/her right to revoke.
  3. Within 14 days after the buyer revokes the purchase, the buyer returns the car on a business day to the CarNext branch in Boortmeerbeek, to the address: Industrieweg 23. The buyer and CarNext make an appointment for this
  4. The buyer may, of course, try the second-hand car but if the second-hand car has driven more than 200 km between the car being delivered to the buyer and it being returned to CarNext, the buyer reimburses the depreciation of the second-hand car from the moment that the second-hand car was delivered to the buyer.
  5. The second-hand car must be in exactly the same condition as it was at delivery (excepting the mileage). This means: complete, in the same technical condition and no extra damages to the exterior or interior. If that is not the case, the buyer reimburses CarNext for the depreciation.
  6. If the second-hand car has less fuel than it did at delivery, the buyer will reimburse CarNext for the difference.
  7. CarNext refunds the entire purchase price to the buyer within 14 days after the revocation to the bank account known by CarNext. Note: if a traded in car is part of the deal, the buyer receives an amount equal to the value of the traded in vehicle. The buyer does not get the traded in vehicle back.
  8. The buyer cancels all insurances for the second-hand car himself.
  9. If the buyer has financed the second-hand car through a third party, the buyer terminates the financing (with corresponding collateral) himself. The buyer returns the second-hand car to CarNext without anyone having the right to the second-hand car. At CarNext’s request, the buyer issues proof thereof.
  10. The buyer remains completely responsible for all commitments and/or liabilities in connection with the second-hand car or the use thereof during the period in which the car was in the buyer’s possession.
  11. If the buyer owes CarNext any amounts, CarNext may subtract these from the purchase price which is refunded to the buyer.