The benefits of business lease

Together with LeasePlan

LeasePlan started over 50 years ago in the Netherlands. And still our main goal is to make life as easy as possible for our drivers. We do this in more than 32 countries with more than 1.5 million cars. We will take care of you, so you can focus on your business.

What we offer

  1. priceeuro_XLThe lowest price and it's all-inclusive

    You can count on the clarity and quality. You will drive in a brand new car at a fixed monthly price. Hassle-free. No surprises.
    Our prices are also all-inclusive. Roadside assistance, repairs, carwash and insurance are all included in the amount. You only need to pay for fuel, carwash or potential traffic fines.

  2. Cost of Driving_LFreedom of choice

    You can configure your lease car yourself or pick one of our preconfigured cars. LeasePlan offers you the best configuration for your chosen type of car. We offer a wide range of brands and models in different price ranges.

  3. New Car_XLWe keep your company on the move

    Our cars are the latest models available. With nice but basic extras. Because of this we can buy our cars at a great price. And deliver them fast. Great for you and your business. Our delivery is free of charge.

Our prices and conditions are clear and fair. This is because we find a good relationship with you important.

With our experience and expertise, we will always continue to try to offer the best service, car's and much more.

Feel like leasing?

We will have a car what suits you!

We will have a car what suits you!

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