Volkswagen Caravelle

2.0 TDI SCR 110/150 BMT SWB CL DSG 8Z (3.2T)
€ 731
p/m excl. VAT
Contract duration
72 months
Yearly mileage
10.000 km

Images may differ from actual configuration.

Standard features

What's included in the price?


No need to make tax calculations or keep track of taxes. We'll take care of the traffic tax, registration tax and financing costs. This is included in your contract fee.

Maintenance & tyres

Maintenance, technical repairs, tyres according to normal wear and tear, and a replacement car after 24h. All costs are covered, no surprises.


LeasePlan’s standard insurance coverage includes most repairs.

Roadside assistance

Breakdown or other technical problems on the road? Not to worry. We organize the repair operations, the repairs and guarantee the continuation of your journey. We will get you back on the road, across Europe.

Standard insurance

Our standard insurance coverage is extensive. It includes civil liability, risk retention (own damage), legal assistance and driver's insurance.

Window repair

A star, chip, crack or broken windshield? Our servicemen and women can repair your window quickly and efficiently.

Volkswagen Caravelle

Terms and conditions

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Frequently asked questions

What's the order process? A best deal can easily be reserved online. When you are ready to order, you can change your reservation in an order via the mail (which you will receive after reserving a car). You can also configure your lease car yourself. This can be done online or together with a LeasePlan employee. After we have received your application, we’ll launch a credit check. Only after approval we will send you the contract and order your car. For more information about credit checks and your lease contract, you can check out our frequently asked questions.How many kilometers can I drive yearly? Each car has a maximum number of kilometers that can be driven over the entire term of your contract. This number depends on the car. If this maximum is e.g. 200,000 kilometers, then you can either drive 40,000 km/year in 5 years, or drive 50,000 km/year in 4 years. The maximum duration of our contracts is always 5 years (60 months).What's the difference between a best deal and a onfigured car? Our best deals are lease cars that have already been configured. This implies that the composition of this popular model guarantees the best price and the shortest delivery time. We select the most chosen car options and order these best deals cars in large quantities. This way you can enjoy discounts. When you configure a car yourself, you can choose all options yourself. You have complete freedom of choice here to configure your dream car online.