Audi Q3

Color Mythos Black
Best deals
Duration60 months
Mileage10.000 km

Extra features

Simple CheckMark IconMet leder bekleed 3-spakig multifunctiestuur Plus
Simple CheckMark IconSnelheidsregelaar
Simple CheckMark IconMetaalkleur
Simple CheckMark IconAPS vooraan/achteraan met weergave op MMi-scherm
Simple CheckMark IconBinnenspiegel met automatische dag-nachtpositie
Simple CheckMark IconComfortsleutel+volumetrisch & perimetrisch alarm
Simple CheckMark IconVerduisterde zijruiten (vanaf de B stijl)+ARruit
Simple CheckMark IconAudi Sound System (9VD)

What's included in the price?


No need to make tax calculations or keep track of taxes. We'll take care of the traffic tax, registration tax and financing costs. This is included in your contract fee.

Maintenance & tyres

Maintenance, technical repairs, tyres according to normal wear and tear, and a replacement car after 24h. All costs are covered, no surprises. 


LeasePlan’s standard insurance coverage includes most repairs.

Roadside assistance

Breakdown or other technical problems on the road? Not to worry. We organize the repair operations, the repairs and guarantee the continuation of your journey. We will get you back on the road, across Europe.

Standard insurance

Our standard insurance coverage is extensive. It includes civil liability, risk retention (own damage), legal assistance and driver's insurance.

Window repair

A star, chip, crack or broken windshield? Our servicemen and women can repair your window quickly and efficiently.

Terms and conditions

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Frequently asked questions

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Business Lease

Looking for a new lease car as a self-employed person or small business? Call +32 2 722 62 11. From Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 17:00. Or contact us via the form by clicking on 'Contact us'.