How does Business Lease work?

All you need to know about professional leasing

Start driving your next company car – in just a few steps. Find the right model, pick a flexible contract and enjoy the convenience of leasing, for a fair price. Discover how easy it can be!

What to expect

With leasing, you know exactly where you stand. Here's what you can expect from LeasePlan:

  • A company car that fits your needs
  • All insurance and damage costs
  • The costs for civil liability, risk retention (own damage), legal assistance and driver's insurance
  • Maintenance and repairs are included
  • A clear and easy-to-read contract

Want to know more about business leasing? Visit our frequently asked questions.

Business lease: A great idea!

Leasing is the right choice for large and small companies. Lower your costs, simplify your administration and leave everything else to us.

  • No worries
    You should not worry about maintenance, repairs or insurance. We provide everything with 24/7 support for drivers.
  • Clear pricing
    You do not have to invest in an expensive new car. With LeasePlan you simply pay a fixed monthly amount. Withouth unexpected costs.
  • Flexible
    Long-term or short-term leasing? 1 or more company cars? Electric? Our contracts are and advantageous. Because we understand that businesses can change quickly.

Here's how it works

  1. My Order_LChoose your car or van

    Choose your ideal vehicle from our broad selection of premium cars. Configure it yourself or pre-configured: it's up to you. It will only take you a few clicks.

  2. Kilometers_LChoose the right contract

    Our flexible contracts are the perfect match for your business. You choose the duration of your contract and the number of kilometers you expect to drive annually.

  3. Car Policy_LEnjoy the drive

    No unexpected costs. Or stacks of paperwork. Without the hassle of ownership. Leasing makes it easy to relax and enjoy the drive.

Lease a car your wayFind the right deal to fit your company needs


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