This is how business lease works

Together with LeasePlan

We help you and your company to keep moving in a few easy steps. We offer convenience and quality with lease packages that are clear and come at a great price.

Business lease your way

  1. Maintenance_XLNo hassle

    Don't stress about maintenance, repairs or insurance. It's all included.

  2. priceeuro_XLNo worries

    No need to invest in buying an expensive car. You only pay a fixed monthly fee.

  3. New Car_XLA car that suits you

    Enjoy driving a safe and modern car. Representing you and your business.

Here’s what you can expect from us

Great cars. Easy-to-understand packages. Fast service. Uncomplicated terms and conditions.

  • A car that suits you
  • All insurance included
  • All repairs included
  • We take care of your car service
  • We pick up and deliver your car after service and repairs
  • Our contracts are easy to understand

Would you like to know more? Please have a look at our FAQ page.

Start driving your next company car – in just a few steps

Choose your favourite car on the ‘Our vehicles’ page.
Pick the right mileage and duration for the contract. Pick your colour.

Select ‘Apply now’ and complete a form.
LeasePlan customers get 2 steps to apply their request. If you are not a customer yet, you’ll get 4 steps.
Just know that we can only process your application if you are authorised to do so.

Delivering your car

When we receive your application, we'll send you a confirmation email, including our terms and conditions. We will keep you up-to-date as to the status of your order. This way you know exactly when your car is ready. We will then contact you to make an appointment for the delivery of your car. At home or at your office. You can expect us to do this within 14 days.

Discover our latest car models

We'll always have a car that suits your needs.