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LeasePlan Easy, the one-of-a-kind leasing package

Simplify operational leasing

More and more SMEs, sole traders and professionals are opting for operational leasing. It's fiscally beneficial, easy to budget and tailored to the company's professional needs. They usually go through their broker who has the perfect quotation tool: LeasePlan Easy.

LeasePlan Easy

LeasePlan Easy is a full-service package specifically for SMEs, the self-employed and liberal professions. It's an operational leasing package with many advantages for insurers and finance brokers. But above all, for the self-employed, LeasePlan Easy means carefree driving.

Advantages for insurers and finance brokers

Advantages for self-employed

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Online tool

Log into LeasePlan Easy: our free quotation tool for brokers. If you do not have access yet to this online tool, fill in a form to let us know you're interested. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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