Why switch to an electric car now?

September 24, 2020

This is the perfect time to change your car or fleet to electric – and we can prove it to you! And that's without even mentioning all the fiscal benefits of electric cars, their very reasonable running costs (fuel and maintenance), or the high standard of driving and in-car features.


1. Good for health and environment

More than ever, health and environmental protection are at the forefront of everyone's concerns. Switching to an electric vehicle means taking concrete action that reflects both these priorities. It's a bit like killing two birds with one stone. If you drive an electric car, it will not emit a single gram of CO2 or any toxic particles. And over the entire life cycle of the vehicle, emissions are greatly reduced compared to a car with a conventional combustion engine.

2. Fewer journeys

Studies show that COVID-19 has encouraged the use of individual modes of transport – including cars – as well as working from home, video conferences, etc. So in many cases, the number of journeys and their length will have fallen dramatically. This situation will naturally pave the way for electric cars.


3. Increasing range

Even if your journeys have not changed and you cover a lot of miles, an electric car is still a solution. Worries about vehicle range can now be eliminated because today most electric models can travel 400 km or more.

4. More and more choice

Electric vehicles no longer resemble rather ugly, unidentified driving objects – that is a thing of the past. And they are no longer regarded as a luxury item. Alongside the Teslas of this world, there are also small models that are more attractive in terms of both design and price.


5. LeasePlan will even take you on holiday!

"I can't travel too far for my holiday – I have an electric car." Thanks to LeasePlan, this will no longer be the case. With the brand new service called "Holiday Car", LeasePlan provides a car with an internal combustion engine for the duration of the driver's holiday. A truly tailor-made solution for drivers!

Did you know that...

**… you should avoid charging an electric car to 100%? ** Lithium batteries stay in good condition for longer if charged to between 20% and 80% of their capacity. A fully-charged battery is not ideal. However, you are also not advised to drain your battery completely. If this should happen, ensure you recharge it as soon as possible. But don't worry, some buffer capacity is built into your battery. This varies between 5% and 30% of its total capacity.

**... with LeasePlan, your electricity bill will not increase in Flanders in 2022? ** From 2022, the way you pay for your electricity will change in Flanders. Total consumption will no longer be the only aspect calculated, and peaks in consumption will also be tracked. So charging your electric car, turning on the heating, watching TV and cooking with electricity simultaneously will have an impact on your bill. Fortunately, LeasePlan has anticipated this future change with its "Home Dynamic Load Balancer" charging solution. This smart charging point takes into account the household's overall consumption. For example, it operates at higher power when solar panels are still supplying energy, reduces its power during peaks in consumption, and then recharges at full capacity during the night, when other electrical appliances are switched off. The result is lower peak power, resulting in cheaper electricity bills. LeasePlan, in association with Blue Corner, is the only leasing company to offer this service in Belgium.

It is plain to see that LeasePlan takes its electric ambitions seriously. And LeasePlan of course allows you to benefit from its ambitions and expertise, so that you too can fully enjoy electric driving. Any questions? Or concerns perhaps? Contact us straight away so that we can find the best solutions together!

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