Fleet managers are taking major action to deal with the corona crisis

The corona crisis poses challenges to all of us. Fleet managers are out of their usual comfort zone and facing issues that concern their own health and finances, those of their employees and of their company. A small survey reveals that fleet managers have taken the bull by the horns and are taking action.

One of LeasePlan's recommendations that many have followed is to extend their lease contracts. A mini survey by specialized website FLEET.be, conducted at the end of March, indicates that 46% of surveyed fleet managers are considering this. 13% are still unsure, but do not rule it out. Extending lease contracts is a measure that we at LeasePlan strongly encourage. A new vehicle delivery ties you to a lease contract for the next three or four years, and it's hard to make predictions over such a long period right now. In addition, an extension like this often leads to immediate savings. And, perhaps most importantly, it offers you the flexibility to act quickly once the economy picks up again.


Contract extension ?

Please feel free to contact your LeasePlan representative in order to discuss which lease contracts can be extended and how you can optimise the benefits. One way to increase the number of agreements you can extend is to amend the kilometre limits. Many companies work using standard kilometre limits. However, depending on the vehicle, it is possible to increase this to a maximum of 180,000 km for petrol and petrol variants and 220,000 km for diesel and diesel variants.

Do you have good reason not to wish to renew your contract?

Other ways to keep your employees safe and as mobile as possible are to allocate unused vehicles to employees who are entitled to a new car (if your car policy allows this) or to opt for short-term rentals in order to respond as flexibly as possible to developments in the coming months. In these cases, too, LeasePlan is happy to advise you.

Delaying maintenance?

Service intervals are another challenge to many fleet managers. Many employees are supposed to work from home, and non-essential travel is not permitted. This includes travel for service and repairs. These are being rescheduled to a later date on a massive scale; certainly a good strategy for non-essential matters.


We can help !

Safety comes first and sometimes there is no other option than to visit the garage. Most dealers therefore offer emergency services while ensuring that they work in accordance with social distancing measures. If a vehicle requires service urgently in order to be driven safely, we are happy to help you. You can book your service via our booking line on MyLeasePlan or by calling: +32 2 786 10 28 – option 5. Our colleagues know which garages are currently available for urgent interventions or essential services.


The corona crisis is a challenging time for everyone, including fleet managers. We at LeasePlan hope that this advice will help you to act decisively so that you can continue to manage your fleet in the best possible way. Postpone non-essential activities such as travel and routine services. Do not place new vehicle orders. Extend existing agreements. Make the most of surplus vehicles in your fleet. If additional vehicles are truly necessary, choose a flexible mobility solution such as a used car lease, short lease or rental. These measures will help us all to stay as safe and mobile as possible. Please get in touch with your regular LeasePlan contact to discuss your options in more detail.