Sony jumps into the EV startup game

The world’s largest electric gadget maker unveils Vision-S concept car

From Wall Street to the Motor City, investors are betting on EVs in a big way, seeding a slew of new Tesla-wanna-be startups around the globe. Recently added to the S&P 500, Elon Musk’s electric car making company is now valued at $600 billion—which is more than Toyota, Volkswagen, General Motors, and Ford combined. So it’s no wonder that hope springs eternal for those who now follow suit, throwing their hats (and huge sums of money) into the EV startup ring. Nevermind that most haven’t yet successfully built or sold a car—electric, or not—ever.

So, what’s the driving force behind these non-car-making companies taking this huge green-motoring gamble? Is it a dream of wild riches, or something more, that calls for this creative cross-breeding between industries? Take Sony, for example. The world's largest manufacturer of consumer and professional electronic products unveiled a stunning surprise at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show—the Sony Vision-S, an all electric concept sedan. But why?

‘We believe that new human lifestyles exist beyond the realms of new mobility,’ so states the Vision-S web site. To that end, the company did some corporate soul-searching, so to speak, to find the answers to three key questions: How can we inspire people with mobility? How can we provide greater peace of mind? How can we contribute to society and the environment?

The Vision-S, then, is both answer and quest. It represents a fusion of Sony's technology and creativity, as the company works directly towards a new mobility ideal. Conceived to encompass safety, comfort, entertainment, and adaptability, the Sony Vision-S features 33 ‘embedded’ sensors which collectively form an advanced driver assistance suite called ‘Safety Cocoon’. Inside, Sony's 360 Reality Audio and panoramic touchscreen takes the driver and riders even further ‘into the future’. Sony claims the car can accelerate from 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 4.8 seconds, and the top speed is rated at 240 km/h (149 mph). Drivable, safe, entertaining, and exciting, the Vision-S encompasses the evolution of cars from function and status, to mobility as an enriching experience.

So, maybe this new EV gamble it’s not just about ‘adapting' to survive or even sole financial gain. Perhaps, there are other company’s with a vision like Sony’s—not fueled by fears of getting left behind—but rather, driven by imagined possibilities for a better, greener, more-mobile tomorrow.

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Read more about EVs to watch for in 2021 right here.

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