Best electric cars of 2019

Go electric in style!

The electric revolution went into overdrive this year with the release of exciting models every other week and big leaps in charging technology. Today, you can drive electric in style, comfort and without bending your budget. Whether you're looking for speed, luxury finishings, size or a friendly price, we collected the best electric cars available right now.

December 20, 2019


Simply the best

Stylish on the outside, luxurious on the inside, the Tesla Model 3 is surprisingly fun to drive with a range of up to 507 km. Top that with an acceleration of 0-100 km in 2,7 seconds, and the Tesla Model 3 checks all the boxes. The latest addition to the Tesla family boasts the very best in semi-autonomous technology and over-the-air updates while you simply enjoy the ride.

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Well-rounded and affordable

Nissan stormed onto the EV market in 2010 with the launch of Nissan LEAF, still the best-selling electric car in Europe. The manoeuvrable hatchback was the first mainstream electric car of the 21st century. Almost a decade later, the new LEAF still hits the sweet spot where usability meets likability and affordability.

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BMW i3

Where luxury meets electric

A great EV for urban drivers that want to stand out, ride in comfort, and park without breaking a sweat. The BMW i3 is an electric powerhouse, with a range of up to 246 km. But thanks to its lightweight carbon fibre construction, the handling prowess is superior to most EVs on the market.

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Best price to range ratio

A fully electric car clocking an impressive 405 km on a full battery for a friendly price tag. Lots of gadgets and tech surprises including semi-autonomous driving, seat ventilation and heating. Not to forget, well-designed EV screens that help the driver find charging stations along the route.

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Electric SUV winner

In true Audi fashion, the e-tron is fast and luxurious. This favourite in the premium EV segment is speedy (0-to-260 km/h in 5,7 seconds), durable (328 km range) and roomy, beating both the Tesla X and Jaguar I-Pace for capacity and leg room.

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Need for (re)charging speed

The electric car that beats all the recharging records is the Tesla Model S 100D, with a charging speed of 586 km/u. In other words, in 38 minutes you can charge 80% of the battery. And when you find yourself running low, you have access to a wide network of 'Superchargers' throughout Europe and the US that can top you up in minutes, not hours.

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