The 7 advantages of getting your next personal car from LeasePlan Emirates

Whether you are a new UAE resident and unsure for how long  you will stay in the country or you have lived here all your life, having  access to a vehicle in this region is essential for your comfortable mobility.   Even though the country has made great strides in improving public   transportation coverage by adding cycling and pedestrian options, because of  the hot climate and spread out nature of the cities, most of us cannot imagine  life here without a car. If you like the security and convenience of  paying a fixed monthly fee in exchange for getting a car of your choice with  insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance and a replacement car  included, you would prefer to lease a vehicle from a reputable and reliable  leasing company.

July 22, 2019

Here are the seven reasons why LeasePlan Emirates is the right leasing provider for you:

1) The only global leasing company in the UAE – We are the only local player with operations in over 32 other countries  and over 50 years’ experience in car leasing. You can count on the  highest  level of professionalism and consistency in service levels from us. 2) Choose  any car available in the market and customize it – LeasePlan is brand  independent. We let you decide whether you want to lease a brand new or a used   car. If you decide to go for a new car, we let you choose any make and model  available in the UAE and allow you to pick the exact car specs and even the  interior and exterior colors. 3) Flexible contract termination – If you  decide that you prefer to lease a used vehicle, you get the benefit of one of  the most flexible termination conditions in the market. After the sixth month  of lease, you can terminate your lease and return the car without a penalty by  giving us a 30-day notice. 4) Unlimited mileage – You don’t need to  worry about getting penalized for driving more than you anticipated. If you  lease any of our used vehicles, you do not need to be concerned about how much  you drive. Our price includes unlimited mileage for the duration of the  contract! 5) Your own account manager – We all have  questions, concerns or issues we want resolved when leasing a car. As a  LeasePlan customer, you will get a personal account manager, whom you can  always contact on their direct line. They will ensure that you get a prompt and  satisfactory response every time you need to contact us. 6) State of the art mobile app – Our  mobile app allows you instant access to the details of your lease contract and  vehicle. More importantly, you can schedule maintenance, request your Orange Card for travel to Oman or send us a message and we will take the necessary  action right away! 7) The most responsive maintenance helpline – If  you prefer to call us and speak to someone about the maintenance of your car or  you are faced with a breakdown or another problem, we promise to answer your  call within 30 seconds. We ensure all calls are picked up and all issues  resolved promptly. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service  levels!

Want to learn more? Get  in touch with us here and we would be happy to discuss with you what  options we can offer you for your next car.

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