Mobility Insights Report: surge in support for electric vehicles as more drivers than ever ready to go EV

Amsterdam, 4 February 2021 – LeasePlan, together with leading global research firm Ipsos, today released the ‘EVs & Sustainability’ edition of its annual Mobility Insights Report, which shows record-high support for electric vehicles (EVs), with more respondents than ever before considering making the switch to electric.

However, the report also found that, despite growing interest in EVs, respondents are increasingly worried about poor charging infrastructure, citing lack of charging stations as one the biggest roadblocks stopping them from making the switch.

The key findings of the EVs & Sustainability edition of the Mobility Insights Report – an annual survey of over 5000 drivers in 22 countries – are:

  • There is a clear surge in positive attitudes towards electric driving, with a record 65% saying they now have a favourable view zero-emission electric driving. Nearly half (44%) of all surveyed said that their opinion towards electric driving has improved over the past three years
  • The vast majority (61%) of respondents intending to get a new car in the next five years say they will consider an electric vehicle, indicating driver acceptance of EVs has now reached a tipping point
  • Drivers are increasingly clear that being green doesn’t have to cost more than driving a diesel or petrol vehicle, with 46% of respondents saying EVs not only contribute to fighting climate change through lower CO2 emissions, but also agreeing that EVs have an overall lower running cost (47%)
  • But obstacles remain: 51% of those planning to buy a car in the next 5 years cited insufficient charging infrastructure (either at home, work or on public highways) as the key reason preventing them from choosing an EV, while ‘range anxiety’ was the roadblock stopping another 34% from going electric

Tex Gunning, CEO of LeasePlan, said:

“Yet again, we see that drivers are ready and willing to play their part in fighting climate change – but the lack of EV charging infrastructure is holding them back. Action is urgently needed: leaders and policymakers in every single one of the 22 countries surveyed need to step up and respond to public demand by investing in a universal, affordable and sustainable charging infrastructure. LeasePlan and our partners have already done the homework: last year we outlined 5 easy-to-implement recommendations that provide a blueprint for sorting out the embarrassing state of charging infrastructure in Europe. Simply put, the solutions already exist – all that is missing is action.”

The second edition of this year’s Mobility Insights Report, which includes a breakdown of country-specific data and findings, can be downloaded here:

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