Chapter 4

Our Organisation

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LeasePlan is a multi-local business, operating across more than 30 countries.

LeasePlan is committed to achieving operational excellence through the implementation of an integrated pan-European operating model and by leveraging scale and best practices, which allow us to achieve optimal service delivery at the lowest possible cost. To this end, LeasePlan is managed as a multi-local business with our country teams supported by a number of corporate functions.

As of January 2019, our country managing directors are supported by five regional cluster leads, who act as a first point of contact and provide advice and guidance on the implementation of our strategy and related initiatives. The management teams at country level supervise all aspects of local operations and implement our strategy locally. This cluster structure does not alter our business segments. LeasePlan identifies Europe and Rest of the World as reportable segments. In addition, we report on Car-as-a-Service and


Commerce focuses on attracting new customers, retaining existing customers, optimising our range of services and increasing the number of products purchased. It is responsible for delivering customised fleet management advice on topics such as sustainable fleet management (CO2 emissions reduction), enhancing driver safety and satisfaction, reducing total cost of ownership.


Procurement acquires and distributes products and services across LeasePlan’s operating countries. This centralised approach delivers a competitive advantage through leveraged buying and preferential access to the latest vehicles and related goods and services. LeasePlan’s Procurement activities are supported by policies and compliance controls that help us ensure sustainable value creation.


Insurance offers insurance coverage and damage services to our customers in 30 countries. In most cases, insurance cover is an integral part of our fleet management proposition. Drivers are supported with accident management services such as roadside assistance, replacement vehicles, and repairs through our preferential network of independent service providers, as well as claims handling services. As of year-end 2019, LeasePlan insured approximately 889,000 vehicles worldwide, which correspond to a Serviced Fleet insurance penetration rate of 47.5%.

Repairs Maintenance and Types (RMT)

During the life cycle of the vehicle, RMT supports our customers with a full range of services, including repair and maintenance of the vehicle and the replacement of tyres. We offer customers access to a large network of more than 70,000 independent service providers at competitive rates. RMT is organised both globally and in regional clusters. Globally, the function is also responsible for monitoring market-specific needs, data analytics and telematics. is our pan-European digital platform for high-quality used cars. Through, customers can buy or subscribe to a wide range of one-five year-old used cars. It also operates a B2B channel, consisting of an online auction platform and app for professional buyers. In addition, offers a range of services for its growing network of trusted third parties.

Corporate functions


Audit provides audit assurance and consulting activity that aims to add value to our operations. It helps us accomplish our objectives by bringing a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of our risk management, control and governance processes. Audit is recognised as the third line of defence in LeasePlan’s risk management.

Company Secretariat & Regulatory Affairs

Company Secretariat & Regulatory Affairs advises, guides and steers the Managing and Supervisory Boards on corporate law, (financial) regulatory law and corporate governance-related matters. In addition, the function addresses banking supervision and related regulation.

Corporate Affairs

Corporate Affairs aims to enhance LeasePlan’s brand and reputation among all key stakeholder groups via a consistent company positioning. Corporate Affairs is also responsible for media relations, internal communications, social media and our international public affairs partnerships, including with the World Economic Forum (WEF), World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the United Nations.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR coordinates the roll-out of LeasePlan’s sustainability strategy and supports various business areas in defining action plans, monitoring progress and reporting on agreed KPIs. A CSR governance structure and dedicated work streams are in place to drive and manage our overall sustainability strategy.


LeasePlan is on a journey to become the world’s first fully digital Car-as-a-Service company. LeasePlan Digital supports this objective by helping to transform our company into a NextGen digitally-enabled business, delivering digital services through digital platforms and leveraging the latest digital intelligence technologies, including the development of our Next Generation Digital Architecture. Ensuring cyber security is also a key element of LeasePlan Digital’s remit.


Finance oversees LeasePlan’s financial budgeting and planning, reporting, consolidation and administration. It is responsible for consolidating and reviewing financial results for management information and external reporting, including to the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) and other regulators. This function also includes tax management, financial reporting and financial shared services.


HR supports the execution of our strategy by supporting the growth and development of our people, increasing digital competence across the organisation, and promoting diversity and inclusion. We believe an effective, diverse workforce contributes to well-balanced decision-making and the proper functioning of the organisation.

International Asset Management

International Asset Management determines, monitors and steers the future value of our fleet. Its aim is to provide the most accurate residual value predictions based on data and state-of-the-art analytics. By establishing the real-time monitoring of the fleet’s market value, LeasePlan can develop and apply effective strategies and interventions to steer fleet value and have a consistent baseline for finance, controlling and risk assessment purposes.


Legal provides in-house legal advice. It aims to avoid and mitigate legal risks by promoting compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and is in close contact with our country teams and corporate functions.

LeasePlan's legal charter provides a clear allocation of roles and responsibilities and reporting lines by the local legal counsels to local management and the General Counsel.


Marketing develops, governs and strengthens the global LeasePlan brand. It aims to optimise value by providing the strategic framework for our brand identity and positioning, products and services, and our commercial approach to customers and drivers. Marketing also supervises local marketing activities and identifies best practices for adoption elsewhere. In addition, it supports our commercial activities and develops new value propositions.

Privacy & Compliance

Privacy & Compliance safeguards LeasePlan’s integrity and reputation and helps protect against financial loss and reputational damage. This is achieved by integrating privacy and compliance in daily business activities and strategic planning processes, as well as challenging and assisting the business and promoting awareness at all levels.


Risk is responsible for effective risk management, which is vital to our functioning as a business. Controlled and balanced risk taking – accommodated by a strong, independent risk organisation at corporate and country level, and risk governance, supported by clear direction from our senior management – are key elements in driving our strategy. LeasePlan’s Risk Function also supports the creation of a culture in which every member of staff understands their individual responsibilities and takes accountability for their actions.

Strategic Finance

Strategic Finance oversees our funding and treasury operations, and houses our investor relations and corporate development functions. Through this function, we operate a highly diversified funding base, which includes unsecured debt capital markets funding, securitisations, bank funding and a non-market dependent deposit platform for retail customers through LeasePlan Bank.

Case Study

Driving sustainability through our business

Keeping our clients’ businesses moving

One of LeasePlan’s major clients is ISS, one of the world’s largest facility management companies. Founded a century ago, it has been a LeasePlan customer for more than 20 years.

Today LeasePlan and ISS are working together ever more closely. We now manage 70% of ISS’s 20,000-strong fleet, mostly commercial vehicles, across the world countries. The fleet is crucial to ISS’s ability to provide its huge range of services which include cleaning, catering, maintenance, support staff and security, and integrated facilities management.

“Partnership with LeasePlan is very important for us because a lot of our own services are delivered via our fleet,” explains ISS Chief Operating Officer Troels Bjerg. “LeasePlan has proved it can support us with the right vehicles when we need to reach our customers.”

Commenting on the partnership, Gine Nauta, who manages the partnership for LeasePlan, said: “We support ISS fleet management activities on a day-to-day operational basis, but we’re also moving to manage its local fleets more proactively. Many ISS vehicles are used 24/7, so they require a highly strategic partner – not just in terms of cost, but also in terms of the continuity of the services they offer. In addition, we’re helping them to significantly decrease the environmental impact of their fleet.”

“Partnership with LeasePlan is very important for us because a lot of our own services are delivered via our fleet.”

Troels Bjerg, ISS Chief Operating Officer

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