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At LeasePlan, we believe ‘you cannot grow a business; you can only grow people who can grow the business.’

At LeasePlan, we believe ‘you cannot grow a business; you can only grow people who can grow the business.’ Only employees who are given excellent opportunities to develop their potential can drive business performance.

LeasePlan is proud of its culture of service and care towards customers and each other, which has endured for over 55 years. These same values will be instrumental as we tackle the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.

A transformational year

Our aim is to create a highly effective leadership culture in which people take responsibility for their careers and are empowered to be innovative and creative. These changes are instrumental to our overarching goal of cultural change, as we switch from an analogue to a digital business with the competencies that make us fit for our future.

We have taken a major leap forward in our HR transformation in the year, establishing a solid foundation for the global People Agenda including global best practices in leadership, talent management, performance management, competency frameworks and job family modelling. We have also implemented a new global HR cloud system, which will provide an efficient backbone for the delivery of digital HR services in LeasePlan.

Employee base

The average number of FTEs in 2018 totalled 7,158 (2017: 6,615). Of this number approximately 51% were male and 49% were female at the end of year. While LeasePlan’s overall workforce, Managing Board and Supervisory Board have a strong balance of gender diversity, we are aware that in our senior management community there is room for improvement. We are currently assessing ways to address this.

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Our people priorities

We operate in a highly competitive and disruptive digital environment in which our people will be the key to success

Our People organisation focuses on enabling LeasePlan employees to develop the In-house skills and competencies it needs to implement Digital LeasePlan and deliver on our ‘any car, anytime, anywhere’ vision. We have defined the following four priorities:

Strengthen our leadership

Strengthen our leadership: we look to empower our leaders with senior positions where they can make an impact, while building a pipeline of great people to meet our needs in the future.

Effective compensation and benefits

Develop a highly effective leadership culture with a new approach to compensation and benefits: we are creating a high degree of ownership and responsibility among our people by recognising and rewarding excellent performance.

Learning and development

Build digital competencies as part of our strategy: our digital ambitions require us to build a new range of skills and competencies across the organisation in the years ahead.

Talent management

Strong focus on education and development for highly effective leadership: we aim to grow our people’s professional skills and competencies, as well as their character and attitude. Offering support in achieving the full potential of all our employees via a personal development plan.

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Diversity and

None of us are as smart as all of us. We are committed to building a culture in which everyone can be themselves and where everyone gets an equal chance to make their journey count – regardless of race, nationality, gender, age or sexual orientation.

We believe that a diverse workforce, including one which is gender diverse, contributes to a well-balanced decision-making process and the proper functioning of our organisation. Fresh ideas, different perspectives and valuable experiences contribute to making better decisions and meeting our customers’ demand for innovative services.

We have recently updated our Diversity & Inclusion policy for the entire company, based on input from all countries and entities. In addition to this policy, we have created an ‘activity calendar’ to raise the awareness and increase the engagement on this issue. This includes the following initiatives:

  • A new recruitment strategy for employees with a diverse background at all levels of our company and in all countries
  • Planning feedback training, including non-biased behaviour and communication, to be provided globally

One of the highlights in the year was LeasePlan’s participation in Pride Amsterdam 2018. This parade is one of the world's most distinctive annual celebrations of diversity and acceptance and is supported by a variety of prominent multinational companies, charities and government organisations. Our involvement has sent a strong message that diversity and inclusion is important to us in all our markets.

In 2019, LeasePlan will join ‘Talent naar de Top’ (‘Talent to the Top’), a foundation providing advice and training on gender and cultural diversity, including cross-company mentoring. By signing their Charter, we will join a network of companies exchanging experiences and commit to actively work to reach our targets. Our progress will be monitored on an annual basis.

Highlights 2018

We are transforming every aspect of our people organisation and strategy to create a highly effective leadership culture by 2020. Among the most significant developments were:

Global performance management

For the first time in our LeasePlan history we have launched a Global Performance Management process. The Global Performance Management process will support the development of LeasePlan employees by changing performance management from a yearly ‘event’ to an on ongoing meaningful dialogue.

Management by objectives

The roll out of the new ‘Management By Objectives’ (MBO) methodology in 11 countries, including support for Commerce, RMT, Procurement, Insurance and This enables us to take the best operational actions to achieve our results and embed operational targets into our performance management. Our Agile way of working has been rolled into this system to further support the unlocking of individual and team potential.

Global HR systems

We have successfully rolled out our new global HR cloud system with modules on core human capital management, performance and talent management, compensation and expenses. The system will be further expanded in 2019 with modules for learning, recruitment and compensation.

Leadership Journeys

We continued rolling out our Leadership Journeys in 2018. Around 800 of our people have now taken part in their own Leadership Journey, helping them to understand more about themselves, their colleagues and what is required for What’s next. In 2019, we will continue to cascade these journeys across the organisation in more across countries.

Employee engagement

Throughout the transformation process our employee engagement has been a constant important focus. In May we conducted our annual Global Engagement and Integrity Survey. With a response rate of 80.8% of employees we scored a solid 68% on Engagement Performance and a 70% on Integrity.

GDPR compliance

Enriched Employee and Applicant data privacy statements were made effective in all our countries and entities, in accordance with GDPR. A full Data Processing Register including Data Processing Impact Assessments and a legal scan of the high and medium risk contracts has been rolled out globally. Data Subject Access Request procedures have been updated and tested. Employee data privacy are an ongoing point of attention as is digitisation with our new HR cloud system, which uses privacy by design.

Employee sustainability policy

We began rolling out our electric vehicle (EV) programme to meet our global target to make our entire employee fleet fully electric by 2021. Implementation is now underway in the Netherlands and at our corporate headquarters. The rollout approach is now being assessed for other LeasePlan countries.

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