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Our business

We operate in two large and growing markets: Car-as-a-Service for new cars, through our LeasePlan business, and the high-quality 3-4 year old used car market, through our business

We operate in two large and growing markets:Car-as-a-Service for new cars, through our LeasePlanbusiness, and the high-quality 3-4 year old used carmarket, through our business.

Our Car-as-a-Service business purchases, funds and manages new vehicles for our customers, providing a complete end-to-end service for a typical contract duration of three to four years. With over 55 years’ experience and 1.8 million vehicles under management in over 30 countries, LeasePlan is a trusted partner for its corporate, SME, private and mobility customers. is a pan-European digital marketplace for high-quality used cars, seamlessly delivering any car, anytime, anywhere, and is supplied with vehicles from LeasePlan’s own fleet as well as third-party suppliers.

Through these two businesses, LeasePlan plays across the entire automotive value chain outside of car manufacturing and distribution, and is a trusted partner for its corporate, SME, private and mobility customers.


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Vehicle purchasing.

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Financing solutions with or without services attached

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Fleet management

Best-in-class fleet management software, Consultancy services

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Maintenance management (RMT)

Access to large network of third-party service providers for repair maintenance and tyres

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Insurance and damage handling

Third-party motor insurance coverage and own damage insurance. Accident management and claim handling services

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Fuel, accident and rental management

Fuel management, roadside assistance, replacement of vehicle, access to large network of third-party providers

High-quality used cars

B2B and B2C used cars platform for buying, renting and leasing three-to-four year-old cars

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A resilient and cash-generative business that provides long-term subscription-based mobility solutions with integrated services

In our core Car-as-a-Service business for new cars, we literally turn cars into a service. If a customer wants a car, we take care of everything: we buy the car, finance the car, insure the car, take care of any maintenance and repairs; we also put tyres on the car in the winter and the summer, we give road assistance if somebody needs it, and we provide fleet management services. Essentially, we provide car subscriptions and offer a complete end-to-end service for a typical contract duration of three to four years.

LeasePlan also offers fleet management and consulting services, fuel and mileage management and short-term rental solutions. In recent years, we have introduced telematics and ‘connected car’ solutions to provide digital services to customers, including driver services, salary sacrifice schemes and fleet logistics services. These enhanced capabilities allow us to further optimise our operational efficiency.

Our global scale and local leadership are key success factors. We manage over 1.8 million vehicles across more than 30 countries in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific and we believe we are the largest participant globally in the Car-as-a-Service market based on the number of cars and trucks in our serviced fleet. We address the needs of our international customers with global harmonised procedures that allow us to provide fleet services across several jurisdictions. At the same time, we provide domestic customers a range of innovative products and services.

Demand for Car-as-a-Service is being driven by a number of key trends. These include an increasing focus on the sustainability and CO₂ footprints of customer fleets; a focus on reducing the cost of fleet ownership; the growing importance of safety and driver satisfaction; and the broader megatrend of ‘ownership to usership’ that is also visible in other industries.

A high-quality and diversified customer base

Our high-quality customer base is spread across numerous end-markets and sectors of the economy. We offer our services on either a bundled or stand-alone basis or aim to meet the specific needs of our customers wherever they are. Thanks to our track record of more than 55 years among corporates and SMEs, we also have a loyal customer base.

LeasePlan distinguishes between four customer segments: Corporates, SMEs, Mobility providers and Private individuals.


This segment consists of international and domestic corporate customers leasing more than 25 vehicles. Corporates benefit from our tailored products and services, and our ‘one contract, one contact’ approach that provides consistency, continuity and cost efficiency, in tandem with state-of-the-art fleet reporting and driver support.


Business customers with 25 or fewer vehicles in their fleet require simple products that are easy to access and delivered quickly. We service SMEs through a range of standardised products and services that meet local standards and industry-specific needs.

Mobility providers

We provide services to new mobility providers in several European countries. Under a partnership with Uber, LeasePlan offers full service solutions to Uber partner-drivers. We also have partnerships with other mobility providers, including Lyft in the United States.

Private individuals

This segment consists of customers who lease one vehicle. LeasePlan offers standardised products and services to private customers, as well as individual employees via their employer. We reach these customers through our omnichannel distribution strategy.

Customer base by segment

Mobilty Providers are currently included within SME & Private segments




Customer base spread across sectors of the economy









Customer base spread across geographies









Fleet split by type




A diverse and sustainable fleet

Our fleet is well diversified in terms of types of vehicle, countries of registration, brands and models, which helps us to meet the needs of our diverse customer base. We mainly manage passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles and operate independently from any vehicle manufacturer. We typically lease vehicles for three to four years, before selling them on through, which means our fleet turns over quickly and therefore contains only the latest and cleanest models.

Fleet diversified across a variety of brands










Transitioning to zero emissions mobility

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face as a society. LeasePlan is therefore proud to be taking an industry leadership role in the transition from internal combustion engines to electric and other alternative powertrains. We have set ourselves the ambitious goal of achieving net zero emissions from our total fleet by 2030.

Key elements of our sustainability strategy include educating customers on What’s next in low-emission vehicles, facilitating the uptake of low-emission vehicles with attractive customer propositions and transitioning LeasePlan’s own employee fleet to an electric vehicle (EV) fleet by 2021 so we learn by doing.

We recently introduced a ‘full package’ EV product which is now available in 10 countries in Europe, to make the transition to EVs hassle free for our customers. The product is underpinned by our partnership with Allego, through which we provide LeasePlan EV customers with access to personal charge points at home and at work. In addition, we have introduced carbon-neutral contracts through our partnership with Land Life Company.

These steps, among many others, are helping to ensure our shift to zero emission mobility becomes a significant source of profitable growth in the future.


By year end 2018 the portion of Euro V diesels in our fleet had declined to 3% compared to almost 9% in 2017, while the total share of diesels in the portfolio fell from 76.4% in 2017 to 73.5% in 2018².

The latest and cleanest Euro VI diesels, which account for almost all our diesel fleet, were not subject to any legislative restrictions and still offer customers cost of ownership benefits relative to other powertrains. Our exposure continues to be limited to the latest and cleanest diesel models.

2. Based on the book value of LeasePlan's funded fleet.

Through, customers can now buy, lease or subscribe to high-quality used cars from LeasePlan’s Car-as-a-Service fleet and trusted third-party suppliers provides LeasePlan with a channel to expand its Car-as-a-Service proposition from new vehicles to used vehicles. It also provides access to third-party suppliers that are unable to replicate this model or find it elsewhere.

Through, customers can now buy, lease or subscribe to a wide range of high-quality used cars both from LeasePlan’s European Car-as-a-Service fleet and the fleet of trusted third-party suppliers. uses its data science capabilities to determine the best channel, geography and business model to maximise each car’s value. Its B2B marketplace has long been the largest for 3-4-year-old used cars in Europe and operates in 36 countries.

The B2C marketplace operates in 22 countries with 32 delivery stores. Cars in the B2C channel are reconditioned in one of our 70 industrialised compounds. Our B2C customers mostly source their cars online, and our website offers 360 degree photography and video content. The car is then delivered directly to their home, or to one of our 32 delivery stores across Europe, where customers can try before they buy. is managed as a separate business with its own dedicated management team.

LeasePlan intends to separately report's financial results in the course of 2019.

Our organisation

Our organisation

LeasePlan is a multi-local business, operating across more than 30 countries

LeasePlan is committed to achieving operational excellence through the implementation of an integrated pan-European operating model and by leveraging scale and best practices across European countries, allowing us to achieve optimal service delivery at the lowest possible cost.

To deliver this, LeasePlan is managed as a multi-local business supported by five Value Drivers and thirteen Corporate Functions. In addition, our Country Managing Directors are now supported by five new regional Cluster Leads. Cluster Leads are the first point of contact for our Country Directors and provide advice and guidance on the implementation of our strategy and related initiatives. The day-to-day responsibilities of the Country Managing Directors remain unchanged and they continue to report to the CEO.

LeasePlan identifies Europe and Rest of the World as its reportable segments.

Value Drivers


Commerce focuses on attracting new customers, retaining existing customers, and optimising the range of services and increasing the number of products purchased. It is responsible for delivering customised fleet management advice on topics such as sustainable fleet management (CO2 reduction), the transition to EVs, cost management, enhancing driver safety and embedding company vehicle policies.


Insurance and damage services are offered to our customers in over 30 countries. In most cases, LeasePlan damage and third-party liability cover are an integral part of our fleet management proposition. Drivers are supported with accident management services such as roadside assistance, replacement vehicle and repairs through LeasePlan’s preferential network of Independent Service Providers (ISPs). Claim handling services ensure that – where applicable – costs are recovered from third parties. is a pan-European digital marketplace for high-quality used cars. Through, customers can now buy, lease or subscribe to a wide range of high-quality used cars both from LeasePlan’s European Car-as-a-Service fleet and the fleet of trusted third-party suppliers.


Procurement acquires and distributes products and services across LeasePlan’s operating countries. This centralised approach delivers a competitive advantage through preferential access to the latest technology, vehicles and related goods and services. Sourcing strategies supported by policies and compliance controls ensure sustainable value creation.


RMT supports customers with a full range of services, including repair and maintenance of the vehicle and replacement of tyres. It enables us to provide our customers with access to a large network of more than 70,000 ISPs at competitive rates and within short timeframes. This function is organised both globally and on a local level. Globally, the function is also responsible for monitoring market-specific needs, data analytics and telematics.

Corporate functions


Audit provides internal audit services and is recognised as the third line of defence for LeasePlan’s risk management. It conducts independent audits of LeasePlan’s activities and provides independent assurance by assessing the effectiveness of governance, risk management and internal control processes.

Corporate Affairs

Corporate Affairs aims to enhance LeasePlan’s brand and reputation among all key stakeholder groups. It is responsible for building and implementing a strong and consistent communications positioning across all internal and external platforms and stakeholder groups. Corporate Affairs is also responsible for our international public affairs partnerships, including with the World Economic Forum (WEF), World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the United Nations


Digital is responsible for transforming LeasePlan into a fully digitally-enabled business, delivering digital services through digital platforms, leveraging the latest digital intelligence technologies. In addition, the Digital function is responsible for implementing a Core Leasing Solution covering all business processes across our value chain. It also operates effective mitigating measures for risks posed by cybercrime and GDPR based on our technology and organisational capabilities and following best market practices. The LeasePlan Digital Hub in Amsterdam supports our Car-as-a-Service businesses through the development of new optimised business models and innovative solutions and services.

Company Secretary & Regulatory Affairs

Company Secretary & Regulatory Affairs advises, guides and steers the Managing Board and the Supervisory Board on corporate law, (financial) regulatory law and corporate governance rules. In addition, it addresses the increasing demand for an overarching function to deal with banking supervision and related regulations.


CSR coordinates the roll-out of LeasePlan’s sustainability strategy relating to low emission mobility, societal wellbeing and reducing overall environmental impact, making sure material topics are adequately addressed. It supports various business areas in defining action plans, monitors progress and reports on agreed KRIs and KPIs. It also interacts with different stakeholder groups to stay informed about their expectations and to elaborate on LeasePlan’s sustainability activities.


Finance oversees LeasePlan’s financial budgeting and planning, reporting, consolidation and administration. It is responsible for consolidating financial results for management information and external reporting to the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) and other regulators. This function also includes tax management and the set-up and maintenance of financial reporting systems.


HR supports the execution of our corporate strategy through the creation of a highly effective leadership culture. Our focus is on the growth and development of our people, increasing digital competence across the organisation, and promoting diversity and inclusion. We believe a diverse workforce contributes to well-balanced decision-making and a proper functioning of the organisation.


Legal provides independent, in-house legal advice. It aims to avoid and mitigate legal risks by promoting compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and is in close contact with our value drivers and functions. The legal charter provides a clear allocation of roles and responsibilities and reporting lines by the local legal counsels to local management and the General Counsel.

Privacy & Compliance

Privacy & Compliance safeguards LeasePlan’s integrity and reputation and helps protect against financial loss and reputational damage. This is achieved by integrating privacy and compliance in daily business activities and strategic planning within the set risk appetite, as well as promoting awareness at all levels within LeasePlan.

Strategic Financ

Strategic Finance oversees our funding and treasury operations, and houses our investor relations and corporate development functions. Through this function, we access a resilient, low-cost and highly diversified funding base, which includes retail deposits through LeasePlan Bank, unsecured debt capital markets funding, securitisations and bank funding.

International Asset Management

International Asset Management was established in January 2019. This Function determines, monitors and steers the future value of our entire fleet. Its aim is to provide the most accurate residual value predictions based on data and state-of-the-art analytics. By establishing a real-time monitoring of the fleet’s market value, LeasePlan can develop and apply effective strategies and interventions to steer fleet value and have a consistent baseline for finance, controlling and risk assessment purposes.


Marketing develops, governs and strengthens the global LeasePlan brand. It provides the strategic framework for our common identity, brand positioning, products and services and our commercial approach.


Risk is responsible for effective risk management within LeasePlan, which is vital to LeasePlan’s functioning as a business. Controlled and balanced risk taking – accommodated by a strong independent risk organisation (on corporate and entity level) and risk governance, supported by clear direction from our senior management – are key elements in driving our strategy.

LeasePlan Bank

LeasePlan Bank

LeasePlan Corporation N.V. has a banking licence and operates LeasePlan Bank

As part of our unique independent funding platform, LeasePlan Corporation N.V. has a banking licence and operates LeasePlan Bank. As such it is regulated as a financial institution by the DNB and the AFM.

LeasePlan Bank is an online-only savings bank that offers flexible saving accounts and term deposits to retail customers. It is an integral part of our funding diversification strategy and has operated in the Netherlands since 2010 and in Germany since 2015.

As of 31 December 2018, LeasePlan Bank had approximately 124,000 retail accounts in the Netherlands (2017: 113,000) and 30,000 in Germany (2017: 25,000), with total savings deposits of EUR 5.29 billion (2017: EUR 4.65 billion) and EUR 1.11 billion (2017: EUR 1.25 billion) respectively.

Unique independent funding platform

Funding mix by December 2018





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