LeasePlan France has deployed an ambitious ‘Start Electric’ strategy to support the local transition to electric driving.

The plan will position LeasePlan as a leader in sustainable fleet management by raising EV awareness among business customers, and making sure commercial and consultancy teams are ready to meet growing demand.

Start Electric France allows customers to test drive the latest EV models, familiarise themselves with charging solutions and learn more about EV fleet strategies. It reinforces LeasePlan’s commitment to achieving net zero emissions from its total fleet, and helps start credible discussions with customers about their own targets and ambitions.

"We’ve developed a very good understanding of the roadblocks that big companies face when switching to EVs, and how to best help them begin their transitions,” says Olivier Debuquoy, EV consultant. “Cost of ownership is still the first challenge, but that gap is steadily closing and business interest is on the rise."

Increased government incentives and rising competition between local automakers bringing more EV models onto the market are likely to fuel further demand in 2020, Olivier explains. “If 2019 was the time when most of the automotive industry joined us on the starting grid, we think that 2020 will definitely be the start of the race!"

As part of Start Electric France, the team has also organised numerous e-learnings and training sessions for employees, along with test drives and talks by representatives of many automakers. To demonstrate its new service offering, 22 new EV chargers were installed at its head offices at the beginning of the year, and another four at the CarNext delivery store in Venissieux.

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