EV adoption in Portugal is growing rapidly thanks in part to government policies and tax incentives that promote electric driving among local businesses and public bodies.

Despite continued obstacles, such as the insufficient availability of public charging infrastructure, LeasePlan Portugal’s largest customers are reporting an ever-stronger interest in EVs for their fleets.

"We see a massive opportunity for EVs in Portugal,” says António Oliveira Martins, Managing Director, LeasePlan Portugal. “In fact, we think the entire Car-as-a-Service industry here is going to benefit from the switch to zero emission mobility."

LeasePlan Portugal launched its EV strategy in 2010 when the first electric models reached the market. Its focus then was to acquaint customers with the options and help them make better informed EV decisions for their fleets. It organised EV events, presentations, test drives, competitions and published numerous guides and whitepapers.

"Portugal’s become an early EV adopter within Europe, despite being a relatively small country," António explains. "We’re very proud that LeasePlan is on the frontline of this change and is a reference point in the market. It is because of how seriously we’ve taken our commitments."

António says LeasePlan Portugal recently updated its EV strategy to increase the appeal of its EV offer. The strategy includes offering integrated charging solutions, establishing strategic partnerships, and creating special deals for smaller businesses.

Picture of  Portugal embraces its zero emissions future

LeasePlan Portugal Managing Director António Oliveira Martins speaks at the ‘Towards Zero Emissions in 2030’ conference organised by LeasePlan.

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