For the second year running, LeasePlan Bank joined a nationwide initiative to help Dutch school children learn to manage money responsibly.

Enthusiastic LeasePlan employees volunteered to be guest lecturers to some 225 students aged between 9 and 12 at primary schools in their neighbourhoods.

The ‘Bank for the Classroom’ programme aims to help children become more financially aware at an early age as a basis for greater financial self-reliance later in life. It is a collaboration between 17 Dutch banks and the initiative was rolled out to some 120,000 children in 2019.

Under this year's theme of ‘Are you a hero with money?’ our guest teachers gave a Cash Quiz which included an instructive online money game to help children find out what ‘money personality’ they have. Do they spend or save? Do they compare the different prices of things?

"Volunteering as a guest teacher was a great experience!” said Kevin Wetzel, Marketing Manager at LeasePlan Bank. “The kids really enjoyed playing the quiz and they were very keen to learn more about money and my job at LeasePlan Bank. I would definitely encourage my colleagues to participate in this programme next year."

Picture of LeasePlan Bank goes back to school

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