Driving an electric vehicle (EV) is certainly a little different from driving a vehicle with an internal combustion engine (ICE). On the upside, an EV tends to be quieter, more powerful, easier to maintain and fitted with the latest technology. There are a few common early adopter annoyances, however, often related to charging. Here are six simple and insightful tips to help EV drivers to connect with their EVs – and with fellow EV drivers – even more successfully.

1. Consider others when charging in public

When using public charging points, it is crucial to take other people’s needs into consideration. For example, never unplug another driver’s EV. And just as you would never park at an unused fuel pump, don’t park in an EV charging spot if you don’t intend to use the charger. If you do need to charge your EV, think how long you will need and don’t hog it unnecessarily.

 2. Look after public charging points

Treat public charging infrastructure with just as much care and respect as you would your own charging solutions at home. That will keep it in optimal working order to provide fast and flawless charging for everyone.

 3. Explore the whole range of available charging options

An EV is similar to the average car: it’s inactive for around 20 hours every day. Utilise the vehicle’s downtime and charge it whenever and wherever you can access power – whether at a fast-charging point or public charging point while you’re out shopping or at the gym, while you work or via a wall-mounted unit outside your home overnight.

 4. Plan ahead

If you’re embarking on a longer journey, plan your route in advance and make use of online or onboard mapping services, apps and other tools to identify which public charging points you can use along the way.

 5. Take good care of your battery

To maximise the battery capacity and minimise the impact on driving range, avoid leaving your EV with a low battery level for a long period of time. If possible, park in an enclosed or sheltered location.

 6. Sharing is caring

Actively participate in the EV community by sharing these and also your own tips on topics such as vehicle usage and charging when talking to friends and family, or with fellow EV drivers in your local area through apps and forums.

 Any questions?

At LeasePlan, our EV specialists are happy to help you with any questions, ranging from vehicle choice and charging solutions to implementation services. Feel free to contact us.

 In some countries, lagging EV infrastructure is a major roadblock holding back the mass adoption of EVs, which are crucial to fighting climate change and improving air quality. That is why LeasePlan launched our Global ChargeUpNow Initiative. Sign the petition and demand the right to charge today: globalchargeupnow.com


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