LeasePlan Netherlands‘ newly opened delivery centre is a building custom designed to meet the highest sustainability standards for energy supply, water management and climate control.

Located in Breukelen, the new delivery centre is home to the LeasePlan Netherlands flexible fleet (including short-term lease cars, share cars and taxis). With interest in flexible mobility on the rise since the start of the Covid-19 crisis, the new building enables LeasePlan to meet soaring demand in a building that reflects and promotes the company’s growing sustainability ambitions.

“We decided we needed a bigger building to house our flexible fleet – one that lives up to modern sustainability requirements” explains Sander Pleij, Managing Director of LeasePlan Netherlands. “We’re very proud of what we’ve created. It sets a new standard for future developments in the Netherlands: it’s virtually energy neutral, smartly furnished and full of sustainable details. And it offers room for us to grow as a provider of the flexible, sustainable mobility solutions that customers are increasingly asking for.”

The building is fitted with nearly 1,000 solar panels, enough to make it self-sufficient in its energy needs – which are already low, thanks to features such as LED lighting and smart office automation. A special 30 m2 ‘green wall’ inside the building ensures optimum air quality and a pleasant, healthy working environment.

But the sustainability impact reaches further still: the site includes a state-of-the-art car wash where the water used is captured and recycled, and the water treatment plant even supplies energy back to the grid. By making this facility available not only to LeasePlan and its lease car drivers but also to other car users in the area, LeasePlan Netherlands has placed itself at the heart of a more environmentally friendly community. An important step towards a bright (green) future!

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