LeasePlan and Lightyear to deliver world’s first solar car subscription service.

In December, LeasePlan announced it had reserved 5,000 Lightyear Two vehicles for its fleet, to be delivered in 2024/2025. This marks a major new development in LeasePlan’s three-year partnership with Lightyear, manufacturer of the world’s first long-range solar electric vehicle (EV).

The partnership began in 2018, with LeasePlan’s commitment to making the Lightyear One – which features bumper-to-bumper solar panels and a range of nearly 800 kilometres – available to the European market. Now, LeasePlan is building on this foundation by reserving 5,000 of Lightyear’s latest solar model, which will be available on subscription via LeasePlan in Europe, the US and other global markets.

“Together, LeasePlan and Lightyear are delivering the world’s first solar-powered car subscription” Reinier Hendriks, LeasePlan‘s Managing Director for SME and Private Lease. “With Lightyear, range anxiety is a thing of the past, as is the nightmare of having to find a convenient and available charging station – an absolute breakthrough in the fight to cut emissions from road transportation.”

The Lightyear announcement is the latest step towards LeasePlan’s ambition to achieve net zero emissions from its funded fleet by 2030, and is one of many partnerships
announced with new OEMs in 2021.

“We look forward to continuing our partnership with Lightyear and putting drivers behind the wheel of some of the cleanest, most innovative EVs ever produced,” Reinier concluded.

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