Around the world, drivers and fleet managers are turning away from traditional vehicle ownership and opting instead for hassle-free subscription models – AKA Car-as-a-Service. At LeasePlan, our FlexiPlan product takes the flexibility of subscription driving to the next level. So, why is flex the future of mobility, and what are the benefits for you?


From sustainability concerns and shared mobility to vehicle shortages and remote-working trends, car subscriptions of the sort that LeasePlan pioneered over 60 years ago have never been so popular,” says Pedro Pessoa, Global Managing Director of Flexible Solutions at LeasePlan.


 “While that’s great for us, we also notice a new segment of the market that wants even more choice and flexibility than the kind we offer through our traditional 3-4 year lease product – and that’s why we created FlexiPlan.”


As Pedro explains, FlexiPlan is a flexible, tailored and immediate solution for those who don’t want to commit to a standard three or four-year lease. Instead, whatever your need or budget, we can provide a car within 48 hours, for a period of one to 24 months – including all the services of your regular operational lease.” 


“Flexibility is in greater demand than ever before, among private drivers and corporate clients alike.” Pedro Pessoa, Global Managing Director of Flexible Solutions at LeasePlan



Personal mobility fit for today’s world


As Pedro explains, a typical FlexiPlan contract offers customers the chance to return their car with just a few days’ notice and no early termination fees – making it the perfect option for clients who aren’t sure how long they need a vehicle for.


Companies find FlexiPlan useful for seasonal workers or short-term projects,” explains Pedro. It also covers the mobility needs of customers waiting for delivery of their new car or needing a replacement vehicle. That’s key to overcoming the ongoing disruption in automotive supply chains.”


Last but by no means least, the flexible model gives customers a chance to test the waters of another important automotive trend: electric mobility. “With a flexible contract, drivers and businesses can try out electric vehicles without a four-year commitment,” Pedro says. 


“We see our flexible product as an opportunity to win over some of our biggest clients to zero-emission driving, in line with our 2030 target.” Pedro Pessoa, Global Managing Director of Flexible Solutions at LeasePlan



What’s next?


Pedro says that he and his team are looking to extend the FlexiPlan offering to new markets and customer segments over the coming years as demand grows.


In a volatile world, FlexiPlan enables us to provide our customers with the reassurance and control theyre looking for. We look forward to working with our customers to continue to meet those new demands as we develop the next generation of FlexiPlan products.”


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What’s next?