Conferences are back – which means LeasePlan is hitting the road! From September 7 to 12, IAA Mobility 2021 took place in Munich, showcasing the latest automotive innovations. Here are our key takeaways.

Having been a key player in the history of the automobile for more than 120 years, the IAA now has its eyes firmly fixed on the future of mobility. This year’s conference transformed Munich city centre into an interactive space for visitors to experience the very latest (electric) automotive innovations.

Five key takeaways

Here are the top five standout lessons from the event.

1) EVs are the new normal …
The momentum behind electric vehicles (EVs) is growing exponentially. A decade on from the launch of the first models, it is clear that the plug is here to stay. In every corner of Munich, OEMs had EVs in every size, shape and colour – perfectly matched for the needs of any driver.

2) …but are our cities ready for them?
Cities are the beating heart of electric mobility, but inadequate public charging networks in urban centres are failing EV drivers. Just as concerning, they are deterring would-be EV drivers. It will take a concerted, collaborative effort to radically upgrade the current electric charging infrastructures globally.

3) OEMs embrace ESG
Sustainability and diversity both emerged as hot topics within the dimensions of environment, social and governance (ESG) issues. Many manufacturers combined both by emphasising the need to make environmentally friendly mobility accessible to all.

4) Start-ups steadily making a name for themselves
In an industry long dominated by big brands, there were some exciting new faces on the scene. Electric pioneers like WEY and NIO showcased their latest models as they gear up to take on the established European powerhouses.

5) New partnerships are blossoming
The new collaboration between electrification retrofitter Pepper Motion and predictive analytics software provider TWAICE was just one of the partnerships announced during the event. The growing number of such collaborations is a promising high-tech development in the industry; one that bodes well for accelerating the drive to sustainable mobility.

The time for talk is over

On September 9, LeasePlan’s Hayden Lutek took part in a panel discussing ways to help e-fleets thrive: Fleet charging: Quadrupling carbon reduction.

"It was a fascinating debate with some very clear conclusions,” Hayden says. “First and foremost, the time for talk is over: we need climate action now. Second, when it comes to fleets, government incentives are absolutely essential if EVs are to be affordable. And finally, we need collective action to optimise EV charging infrastructure, throughout the EU, to fully realise the enormous potential of electric mobility."

Roll on the next IAA Mobility in 2022. We’ll see you there!

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