How to get more car for less

Addressing the need for flexible mobility
An immediate and cost-effective alternative

Life is slowly returning to normal in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, but the future remains uncertain for many businesses. As a result, flexibility and cost savings are two key priorities – including when it comes to the topic of mobility. Operational lease is usually a good option, but lockdowns have created backlogs at many car manufacturers. As a consequence, even though most production lines are up and running again, new vehicle deliveries as part of operational lease agreements will continue to be delayed for some time. This blog is the first in a series highlighting flexible mobility solutions. It provides insights into used car lease (UCL) as a way to address the immediate need for flexible mobility among many SMEs and freelance professionals. Moreover, as a lower-cost alternative, leasing a used vehicle has the added advantage of enabling you to get more car for less.

Do you need a fast, flexible and low-cost mobility solution?

As we emerge from the coronavirus crisis, there may be various reasons why you require a fast, flexible and low-cost mobility solution, including:

  • Your focus is on ensuring business continuity and mobility is key to your core business
  • You are uncertain about the future of your business and want to safeguard liquidity rather than tying up your cash in long-term commitments
  • Your mobility needs have changed following the crisis.

In all of these cases, used car lease (which is also known as ‘occasion lease’) could be an interesting option. UCL offers you all the advantages of operational lease: flexibility, access to a high-quality vehicle and no upfront financial investment. But additionally, because a UCL vehicle is no longer brand new, you benefit from lower costs, leaving more cash available to spend on your core business.

The benefits of UCL:

  • Quick delivery (within two weeks of signing the contract)
  • Flexible, short-term contract (12 to 24 months)
  • Lower monthly lease instalments than for a new vehicle, freeing up cash for your core business
  • Lower investment value than a new vehicle (which can be beneficial in the credit approval process)
  • A fixed monthly price including all operational services (see box)
  • A wide choice of high-quality vehicles in excellent condition: maximum age of 42 months and very limited wear and tear. UCL cars are as good as new!
  • Lower early termination penaltyi

UCL typically includes the following operational services:

  • Financing & interest
  • Service, maintenance, MOT
  • Damages and repairs
  • Insurance (if locally applicable)
  • Roadside assistance
  • Road tax (if locally applicable)
  • Optional services, such as winter tyres and replacement vehicle

Fully digitalised selection and ordering process

Used car lease from LeasePlan is available throughout a rapidly growing number of countries in Europe. It’s a fully digitalised processii to allow customers to browse our wide range of available vehicles online, anytime and anywhere, before making their selection. To ensure a quick and smooth customer experience, the order is processed entirely online too, without the hassle of having to travel to a showroom or deal with time-consuming paperwork.

If you are interested in exploring the benefits of UCL as a fast, flexible and low-cost mobility solution in these uncertain times, ask your regular LeasePlan representative for more information or visit our website.

In these uncertain times, UCL is an even faster, more flexible and lower-cost mobility solution than operational lease

By offering an ever-wider choice of high-quality used vehicles for lease, LeasePlan is responding to the ongoing broader societal shift from ownership to usership

i In specific countries only
ii The fully digital selection and ordering process is available in specific countries only

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