Preconfigured vehicles: The perfect car, with no need to wait

Click & drive - When you want a suitable and cost-effective lease car immediately

Searching for the right car is often more complex than you expect. You can find yourself confronted with an almost unlimited selection of vehicles in countless designs and variations. Click & drive aims to assist your decision-making process in the following ways:

  • Pre-qualified vehicles selected to best match your needs
  • The vehicle is readily available – no need to wait several months
  • Demonstrable cost savings
  • A straightforward and convenient ordering process
  • Advice on the most suitable vehicle based on your particular circumstances

If this situation sounds familiar, then you should perhaps consider a preconfigured lease car as the solution to address your need for immediate and cost-effective mobility.

When times are tough, keep it simple

Brand loyalty has declined sharply in the automotive sector in recent years as vehicle technology and manufacturers’ approaches have become increasingly similar. People often have personal preferences for a certain brand or model, only to end up choosing a completely different one for practical reasons such as cost or functionality.

In the case of a preconfigured vehicle, we have already made some of the decisions for you using our industry knowledge and historical data about what our customers want. This means, we can provide you with a vehicle with an attractive speci , quickly and at a highly competitive monthly lease cost.

Get the right car, without the wait - Choose your ideal private lease/business lease vehicle from our preselected premium cars

We hold stock of a good choice of the most popular brands, models and colours across all vehicle categories: from small and medium-sized cars/LCVsii to crossovers and performance cars. Once you have decided on your ideal car – with our help, if necessary – you then tailor the leasing package, including the appropriate contract duration, to suit you. LeasePlan’s flexible contracts are the perfect match for you or your business, and the vehicle can be delivered to you without delay.

Get in touch

Whether you want to lease a single car for yourself – for personal or business use – or you are managing an entire fleet, we can provide you with any vehicle, anytime and anywhere. If you are interested in exploring the benefits of preconfigured vehicles as a convenient and fast solution in these times of continued uncertainty, ask your regular LeasePlan representative for more information or visit our website.

4 benefits of preconfigured vehicles:
- attractive rates
- vehicle specs meeting your needs
- simple and consultative process 
- quick delivery

iCar specifications, or car specs, provide a snapshot of a vehicle's important details like height and weight, horsepower, standard options, the car's wheelbase and cargo capacity.
iiAn LCV is a light commercial vehicle, also often known as a van


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