LeasePlan has a proud history of contributing to the communities we serve all over the world.

From painting an orphanage in Romania to hosting a children’s day in Mexico, LeasePlanners are eager to lend a hand or raise money for important causes.

“LeasePlanners in our 29 countries have been involved in volunteering for many years, but these efforts have always been local, without any official central oversight” says Tessa Peetoom, DE&I Director. “To support our updated environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy, Driving to Zero, we wanted to create a global standard to align our organisational approach to volunteering. That’s why we launched our Global Community Volunteering Standard (GCVS), providing LeasePlan’s volunteers with more structure and guidance to help them make even more of an impact.”

The GCVS was released to country teams in November, just in time for the United Nations International Volunteer Day on December 5. It sets out information on the types of projects LeasePlan supports and the amount of time LeasePlanners can spend on community volunteering: four working hours per year for every employee, for a total of more than 32,000 hours across the organisation.

The advantage of the GCVS is that, while it provides an overarching structure and policy, it leaves room for the employees of each LeasePlan country to decide which charities to support and what activities to carry out. It is supported by a new function in Workday where colleagues can formally register to volunteer and then report on their efforts, allowing for a more accurate global understanding of LeasePlan’s contribution to societal well being.

“LeasePlan has a duty as a business to care for the societies we’re part of,” Tessa explains. “But there are many more benefits too: LeasePlanners enjoy a chance to socialise with new people, learn new skills and gain a better understanding of the wider community. This is a great example of doing well by doing good.”

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