Our Next-Generation Digital Architecture (NGDA) underpins LeasePlan’s vision to become the world’s first fully digital Car-as-a-Service business, delivering digital services at digital cost levels.

NextGen OmniChannel, a new NGDA module launched in 2021, is a prime example of how LeasePlan is using digital to reinvent the customer experience and achieve digital cost levels. With OmniChannel, LeasePlan is unifying all its customer contact systems across the business into one seamless platform.

“It began in 2018,” explains Michel Alsemgeest, Chief Digital & Information Officer. “Although we were using multiple platforms, they weren’t integrated with each other. Now, we’re upgrading from a multichannel to an omnichannel approach, which means connecting all the possible touchpoints between us and the customer.”

Today, customers benefit from a seamless experience, no matter which journey they take or how many platforms they use. For example, LeasePlan’s new global solution means there is no need for customers to start from scratch when moving from self-service to a customer care agent.

“It saves everybody time, avoids confusion or frustration and ensures we can assign the most appropriate agent to the task,” says Michel . “But as well as helping build stronger relationships between us and our customers, NextGen OmniChannel also gathers valuable data on customer behaviours in each channel. This allows us to analyse the most and least successful steps of the journey and make improvements accordingly.”

In May, LeasePlan customers in France were the first to benefit from the roll-out of the OmniChannel solution, joined by those in Finland, Norway, the UK and Austria later in the year. Task routing and chat solutions will follow, with all LeasePlan countries set to be onboarded by 2024.

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