Introducing LeasePlan’s Talent Marketplace

Retaining and developing internal talent is crucial for every business, and LeasePlan is no exception. We believe in empowering our employees to drive their own development and take it to the next level. With that in mind, we’ve launched a pilot with an AI-powered internal talent marketplace.

AI-powered platform
As a one-stop-shop for career development, the platform applies artificial intelligence (AI) to match the supply and demand of talent throughout LeasePlan, in real-time. In so doing, it allows LeasePlanners to identify open opportunities based on their skills and development aspirations to push the boundaries of their careers.

Talent Marketplace
Talent Marketplace uses the employee’s career profile, hosted in Workday (an enterprise management cloud service), to get AI-generated suggestions for training and learning opportunities, and part-time projects across the company.

Benefits and opportunities
LeasePlan’s Talent Marketplace allows us to attract, develop and retain the best talent. Stimulating internal mobility enables us to share knowledge cross-functionally, supporting our leaders to build their best teams. This ensures we find diverse talent faster, creating fair and equal development opportunities for all.

What’s next?
At LeasePlan, we’re always looking forward and one of the ways we’re doing so is to transition to a fully digital business model. We believe that AI-driven employee development is the key to talent management in this digital age.

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What’s next?