LeasePlan manages the entire lifecycle of their 1.9 million vehicles, from purchase and maintenance to the sale of returned vehicles, and this is done in through data-driven insights. "We want to become the world's first fully digital Car-as-a-Service company,” says Chief Digital and Information Officer, Michel Alsemgeest. He explains how:

Stay ahead of competition

Working data-driven offers companies the opportunity to become faster and more efficient than ever. Why is that particularly interesting for lease companies? Alsemgeest explains: "We provide end-to-end service as part of a very large data ecosystem. Within such an ecosystem, decisions are not only based on technological possibilities, but also on how data, processes and specialized suppliers and partners can work together in a natural way."

"Our ecosystem gives us all kinds of insights and opportunities to improve service for our customers and change the market. By digitizing the processes we can always act quickly and we stay ahead of the competition."

Global Data Hub

In recent years, LeasePlan has gone through a digital transformation to approach the market in new ways. For example, a Global Data Hub was built whereby all LeasePlan data globally was brought together. LeasePlan works together with Snowflake, among others.

"We have managed to convert all traditional Business Intelligence and analysis structures into one cloud-based Big Data Warehouse. In addition, with the consent of our customers of course, we add live information about our fleets. With the help of predictive maintenance models, we therefore can know exactly when which car needs maintenance.“

Proactively manage safety

Their strategy is paying off, says the Chief Digital Officer. "Our fleet managers wanted to be able to act more proactively in the field of maintenance. They wanted to know in advance when a car needed service to ensure that customers have timely access to the warehouses and shops."

"We first developed a proactive maintenance system, in which we combine maintenance information with the service history. In this way we can make a plan for each car and flag it in time for maintenance. In addition, our science team has built machine learning algorithms that can predict engine problems, and thus prevent them with proactive service. This increases customer satisfaction and, of course, safety."

Easier, more intelligent and safer

In this way, fleet managers can rely on real-time information about the status of their entire fleet. They always know whether a car is on the road or not, whether it is involved in an accident or whether it is being serviced. Alsemgeest: "Of course the fleet manager can only access that information with the consent of the customer. Above all, value their privacy."

In five years' time, LeasePlan aims to be the world's first fully digital lease company. "We have the maintenance history of each car at our disposal and all kinds of data, such as the mileage. We know exactly when a car needs a service."

"More importantly, we can predict when a car is going to have trouble and recommend that the customer go to a service point before the trouble happens. We make our service easier, more intelligent and safer."

Involve customers in the process

Alsemgeest emphasizes that the value of this data-driven way of working can only be achieved by building it together. "A process of collaborative value creation is necessary for a successful outcome. We have put a lot of time into that. For example, our customers were constantly part of the creation process. We consult them and keep them informed of what the data is used for. That way they know exactly how their data helps them to always be on the road safely."

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