Show your true colours with LeasePlan

LeasePlan has long been a leader in flexible mobility, with our best-in-class FlexiPlan and NoStressPlan offerings – but today we are taking things to the next level with Mood Mobility. Because today’s drivers don’t just want What’s next, they also want to show What’s next to everyone around them – and Mood Mobility allows them to exactly that, showcasing the colour of their mood instantly on the surface of their car.

Using the latest “Real-time Emotion Detection” (RED) technology, facial analysers, steering wheel scanners and body temperature heat apparatuses instantly assess the mood the of the driver, and broadcast it for all to see. With Mood Mobility, we can all be a bit more understanding of each other on the road: other drives are made instantly aware of how the person in front of them is feeling – no more guesswork!

And electric vehicle (EV) drivers get an extra bonus: green wheels! If you ride zero-emission, it will constantly show off a stunning hue of lime green! Do you have a hybrid? Then the wheels will turn green when the battery is being used.

Not to mention, Mood Mobility is also there for all the important days in your life! Is it your wedding day? Then a special ‘Just Married’ colour theme will be applied. Ditto that for your graduation, new baby, birthday… the list goes on!

Best of all, the Mood Mobility is available to all LeasePlan customers today – April 1, 2021 – and is compatible with all makes and models!

So, What’s your next mood?

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