01. Continue implementation of NextGen LeasePlan – our fully digital business model

LeasePlan’s ability to capture the growth we see ahead of us is inextricably linked to our ability to deliver better digital services at lower cost than our competitors. Achieving this requires nothing less than the complete digitisation of our business model, powered by a new IT architecture: our Next Generation Digital Architecture (NGDA). Starting with three frontrunner countries, the NGDA is being deployed using a phased approach, with each entity going through a rigorous cycle of preparation, migration and benefits realisation. When complete, LeasePlan will be able not only to compete more effectively in our core business areas but also to create new digital businesses based on our core competencies and to digitally integrate new services from across the broader Car-as-a-Service ecosystem.

LeasePlan is already using NGDA components in many countries for the benefit of customers – for example, the industry-leading MyFleet and LCV Fleet Manager platforms, which enable customers to proactively monitor and manage their fleet via real-time insights, and our Digital Showrooms, which offer seamless onboarding for SME and Private Lease customers.

02. Growing our business profitably

We aim to capture the accelerated growth in the Car-as-a-Service market by delivering digital services at digital cost levels, leveraging our industry-leading NGDA approach.

For example, within the International/Corporate segment, a key focus is on developing strategic fleet partnerships with some of the world’s largest corporations, supported by digital platforms that provide customers with maximum control and significant efficiency benefits. Other key actions in the International/ Corporate segment include:

  • Enhancing our global LCV approach to capitalise on the growth in last-mile delivery and service fleets
  • Continuing to roll out our popular ‘full package’ EV solution, which includes home and office charging
  • Introducing new products and services in our Insurance & Damage Handling and Repairs, Maintenance & Tyres (RMT) businesses
  • Expanding our offering in flexible leasing and used car leasing 

Our digital strategy is also fundamental to growing our SME and Private Lease businesses, where market penetration rates are lower, but growing fast. We use a direct digital sales and service approach via Digital Showrooms, as well as strategic partnerships with OEMs, financial institutions, mobility providers and dealer networks.

03. Drive operational excellence

LeasePlan is committed to achieving operational excellence through the implementation of an integrated operating model that leverages our scale and best practices across countries, allowing us to effectively compete on both service and cost. To achieve this, our global Business Excellence function translates overall company targets into specific KPIs for teams and individual employees, creating a culture of ownership, accountability and performance across the company. Since 2020, the function has also introduced an extensive global Lean training and coaching programme to further embed a culture of continuous improvement within LeasePlan, equipping employees with the practical skills to improve their daily activities. During 2022, the Business Excellence function executed hundreds of local improvement projects currently generating considerable savings, growth opportunities and enhancement to customer service and lead-times. The Business Excellence agenda is supported by a global platform sharing the latest best practices from across the company, such as the optimisation of our car return process.

04. Sustainability

In 2021, LeasePlan launched its ambitious new ‘Driving to Zero’ ESG strategy. In the strategy, we commit to acting decisively to address the most important ESG issues facing our business today: climate change, diversity and inclusion, and ethical supply chains. The new strategy builds on LeasePlan’s industry-leading ambition to achieve net zero tailpipe-emissions from its funded fleet by 2030, announced at the launch of the EV100 organisation in 2017. As part of ‘Driving to Zero’, LeasePlan has developed an understanding of the climate-related risks and opportunities it is facing through a comprehensive Group-wide risk assessment, based on scenario analysis and financial modelling. The impact of climate-related risks and opportunities is now being integrated into LeasePlan’s strategy, governance, risk management and disclosures.

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