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Driving green

GreenPlan, a truly global green fleet management initiative, reflects LeasePlan's belief that companies can play a vital role in the reduction of CO2 emissions. We would like to encourage our clients to act on the effects of global warming and to contribute to a healthier planet. To help achieve this easier and more effective, our clients can benefit from a consistent set of standards and goals in all LeasePlan countries, such as FleetReporting, giving an environmental insight to fleet managers through CO2 emission and fuel consumption reports. An additional benefit consists in the significant fuel savings and reduced vehicle costs that are consistent with green driving.

GreenPlan is certified by TüV Rheinland and supported by Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE).

Rewarding green performance benefits
For clients that take concrete steps towards reducing CO2 emissions by successfully complying with the objectives of GreenPlan, demonstrating environmental awareness, and proving their commitment by going the extra mile, we invented the LeasePlan Fleet Conscious Award.

Ask your local LeasePlan company more about GreenPlan and how your company can play a significant role in reducing environmental pollution.



A global green fleet

GreenPlan, LeasePlan's green fleet management initiative, is certified by TüV Rheinland.

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Give children a better life

Together with the Net4Kids foundation, we ensure that the money LeasePlan donates reaches the children in the streets of third world countries.

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