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Code of Conduct

The way we conduct business

Building a sustainable future of success for our business is based on having sound business ethics, and having respect for our stakeholders and society at large. We have described the way we conduct business in a Code of Conduct. The LeasePlan Code of Conduct (pdf, 219kb) provides our employees worldwide with a framework for everyday business decisions.

The LeasePlan Code of Conduct is based on our values, starting with what we expect from employees in our duty of care towards clients, suppliers and business partners. The Code of Conduct further describes the commitments we have in providing employees with a fair, rewarding and enjoyable work environment. As we strive to balance the interests of people, planet and profit our Code of Conduct also gives guidance on our responsibilities towards our wider society and the environment. Furthermore, employees are given information on the several channels open to them for asking questions or dealing with business ethics issues.

When conducting business for LeasePlan, consultants, contractors, agents and joint venture partners are expected to observe the same standards of conduct as LeasePlan employees. 

Living up to these standards of conduct will help us be a socially responsible company and continue to build a business of which we are, and will be, proud.

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