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Our business

Buying a used car

At the end of their lease term, LeasePlan sells its used vehicles via different channels, making them available to a wide public of buyers all over the world. Every day we offer a new selection of vehicles. Buying a used car from LeasePlan gives you more security:

  • In most cases these vehicles have only been assigned to one driver.
  • All vehicles have a guaranteed mileage.
  • Each vehicle comes with a complete maintenance history.
  • All vehicles are inspected and cleaned before being offered.

LeasePlan complies with the international standard "Fair Wear & Tear" of the TÜV Nord Group. LeasePlan is the first fleet management company in the world to be certified in this field. The TÜV Nord Group has also certified the correct implementation of the appraisal process. TÜV inspectors conduct regular audits to check that both standards are continuously observed.

Used cars for traders

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LeasePlan worldwide operations

LeasePlan's worldwide presence offers both global solutions and local expertise

Our worldwide operations