Vision, mission and strategy

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The Power of One LeasePlan

The world is changing fast, but one thing is for certain: people love cars. Company cars, private cars, electric cars, shared cars, hailed rides, shared rides, autonomous rides. Committed to delivering another 50 years of profitable growth, we’re embarking on a new strategy to unleash our potential in an exciting and dynamic market: building on the successes of the past and leveraging the “The Power of One LeasePlan” to capture the exciting growth opportunities we see on the road ahead. This is the new LeasePlan: dedicated to delivering what’s next for our clients and investors.

Our strategy

To unleash LeasePlan’s potential in an exciting and dynamic market, we have defined a three-year strategic plan. This plan has three goals:

1. Maintain the strength and resilience of our business 

Our priority will always be to ensure that we maintain and enhance those aspects of our business that are key to our ongoing strength and resilience. This includes our significant scale advantages, high levels of diversification, advanced risk management, digitised service offering and independence.

2. Enhance our profitability by unlocking “The Power of One LeasePlan”

With our “The Power of One LeasePlan” focus, we recognise that none of us is strong as all of us, and that by leveraging the strength of our entire organisation across all our countries, the entire value chain and our functional competencies, we will be able to realise significant value for our clients and our investors.

3. Position ourselves strategically in the automotive sector

In addition to operational excellence measures, a key element of our strategy is to pursue new, sustainable growth opportunities. As well as continued growth opportunities in our existing corporate, SME and private lease markets, we see significant sustainable growth prospects in the new “mobility as a service” market segment.

Commitment, expertise, passion and respect

LeasePlan has four key values that identify us as a company: commitment, expertise, passion and respect. These values guide us in our approach to our work and to our stakeholders, clients, suppliers, investors and colleagues. We take personal ownership of our actions and deliver on our promises. We share knowledge by offering our clients practical solutions. We inspire those around us by demonstrating belief in our products and services. We treat individuals and companies with respect by adhering to the LeasePlan values and by acting with integrity, fairness, trust and tolerance.