Funding strategy and programmes

LeasePlan’s diversified funding strategy focuses on various financial markets, namely: unsecured and secured debt capital market instruments, access to bank credit facilities and LeasePlan Bank’s retail deposits. This approach provides a solid platform to fulfil the company’s funding requirements. Review our approach to funding and liquidity in detail by visiting the Funding Strategy and Programmes page.

Funding strategy and programmes

Independent credit ratings

32 countries

Credit ratings help investors to compare and differentiate between companies in terms of creditworthiness. Potential investors in LeasePlan can review the independent credit ratings of our business which are published by the world’s top credit-rating agencies: Moody's, Standard & Poor's and Fitch Ratings.

Please note that credit ratings are not buy, sell or hold recommendations. They simply measure a company’s ability and willingness to repay debt according to the criteria set by the relevant rating agency.

Financial results and publications

Gain instant access to LeasePlan’s latest and archived annual reports. Review our performance and stay informed about our outlook. Our financial publications are available to view online or download.

Annual Report 2016

Our investor contact

Paul Benson

Group Treasurer