LeasePlan Managing Board Composition

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LeasePlan Corporation N.V., a global leader in fleet management and driver mobility, today announces that Daniëlle Pos has resigned her position as Chief Legal and Compliance Officer.

She was appointed to anchor, at Managing Board level, the legal and compliance expertise needed for the Group's transformation to One LeasePlan. She will now focus on assisting and advising LeasePlan with various tasks related to the legal and compliance functions. Daniëlle will also remain a non-executive Board member of Euro Insurances DAC, the Group's insurance carrier.

"It has been a pleasure serving on the LeasePlan Board, and helping to steer the company through such a historic period of change and reinvention," Daniëlle said. "With the launch of ‘One Legal, One Compliance and One Privacy’ completed, this felt like an appropriate time to make this change and turn my attention to more operational matters."

"We appreciate Daniëlle's valuable contributions to the Managing Board," said Tex Gunning, CEO of the company. "She has played a key role in repositioning the Group's legal and compliance functions globally in line with the One LeasePlan vision of moving from a multi-local organisation to one fully integrated organisation. Daniëlle has guided the Board through this transformational period in a very professional way. Her counsel and direction on legal matters and strategy has greatly benefited the company."

LeasePlan does not expect to fill the CLCO role.